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Concept development, development of the customer journey, interior and retail architecture (planning and implementation support / LP 1 - 8), interactive & communication design, guideline creation (interior design, customer experience), project management

Retail Stores

Why should you go to a travel agency these days? Or – why should you miss it?

The new TUI retail concept brings brick-and-mortar retail back into the consumer's relevance zone. Here, the digital and the tactile merge to create the international atmosphere of a hotel lobby: visitors enjoy the quality of the bars and sofa landscapes, the high level of inspiration through digital interactive touch points and the strong service orientation of the travel advisors, optimized by mobile devices and current travel content.

With the multi-channel approach, every customer can experience their vacation in advance.

The first new TUI store, planned by NEST ONE, opened in Stuttgart in November 2014. Since then, other stores have followed in Düsseldorf, Hanover, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Advice, inspiration, service and quality of stay make a visit to the travel agency an experience again.

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