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Offices & Work Environments


Concept development, visitor journey, content development, experience architecture, interaction & communication design, project management, planning & implementation.

Redesign of conference and office areas Headquarters

The NEW WORK Harbour, located directly on the banks of the Elbe in Hamburg's HafenCity, is the home for all of the NEW WORK SE brands. NEST ONE was responsible for the conceptual orientation of the areas in which the New Work idea is to be particularly lived. This not only resulted in the New Work Pier as an area for meeting external visitors and the "Spielbudenplatz" as a multifunctional space for a wide variety of internal and external event formats, but above all also the 6th floor with areas such as The Stage, Fire Place Room, Guest Room, Welcoming, Ideation, Co-Creation Lab, Band Room and Sound Bar. In each of these areas, creativity and teamwork are encouraged through a special design. In addition to the conceptual development, Nest One took over the entire design of the interior architecture, the involvement of creative artists as well as staging and decoration.

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