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Offices & Work Environments


Concept development, development of the customer journey, content development & editing, interior design (planning and implementation support), interactive & communication design, content training for employees, project management

Redesign of conference and office areas Headquarters

A consistent overall concept for the design of the space and the communication of information and emotions was developed for the new Allianz Auditorium. The aim is for visitors to be able to experience the strategy and vision of the brand with all their senses through various interactions. The media installation works like a video magazine and accompanies visitors at four different points on their way through the building to the conference room.
The video magazine can be controlled by visitors via interactive surfaces and motion sensors control the sound and image activation. In the background, in addition to low-maintenance technology and modern software, a specially developed CMS runs, which allows content to be easily added, changed and replaced at any time. The real-time link between media servers, a CMS and the playback of video content in 4K quality is unique in this form.

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