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Concept development, customer journey, content development & editing, stand architecture, interactive exhibits, interactive &, communication design, film production, project management

Exhibition stand re:publica and book fair

Contemporary, sustainable exhibition stand and a reflection of the diversity of ZDF and the ZDF Mediathek.

As the lead agency for brand experience architecture at ZDF, NEST ONE designed an exhibition stand that not only presents the various formats and subject areas of ZDF, but also reflects the diversity of the ZDF Mediathek. Particular emphasis was placed on sustainability and reusing existing furniture.

The stated aim was to address different (new) target groups and actively involve visitors. The integration of interactive elements invited visitors to become active and experience the content first hand. In the VR Digital Lab, for example, impressive VR content from the ZDF Mediathek could be explored.

A wide variety of content and formats ensured that every visitor could find something that met their interests and needs. In the indoor area, discussion rounds and interactive questions took place, which provided clarity and exchange. In the outdoor area, visitors were treated to an exciting quiz game that challenged them and provided entertaining information.

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